Easy side battles the second half

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Easy side battles the second half

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Easy side battles the second half, the first 56 seconds, Fraser appeared passing errors, Gobert steals. 8 minutes and 34 seconds, received Reese - O'Neal's pass, Mitchell third shot far succeeded. The first 12 minutes, Phevos foul when Satorransky shot, gave the Wizards two free throws.

Jazz inside a huge advantage, this section grabbed a total of NBA Live Coins click(https://www.lolga.com ) 16 rebounds, including five offensive rebounds, one of which contributed 4 rebounds Phevos, with a basket advantage 36 points lead. Jazz strengthen the defense, this section of the team completed a total of 6 steals. Jazz this section in poor condition, mistakes up to 10 times. Wizards repeatedly hit the basket, won 11 free throws, penalty 9 ball, free throw percentage hit 81.82%. Three finished, the score is 88-52, the Jazz lead 36 points.

Warriors to beat the Pelicans 125-115 to complete 21 points reversal. However, before the game was over, just over a minute before the game ended, Curry sprained his right ankle while defensive partner Moore returned early to the locker room. According to the latest news ahead of time, Curry has taken an X-ray examination, showing an ankle sprain, with negative results and no structural damage. However, Curry ankles are very swollen and will undergo MRI tomorrow to further confirm the injury. Curry was on his way to the exam room and returned to the locker room with thick ice packs on his right ankle.
  • December 14 2017 at 08:45 pm

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