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Is mutual break up really possible?
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Default Is mutual break up really possible?

Things with my significant other hasn’t been going the right way recently. We’re always not seeing eye to eye and it’s getting frustrating. I think the only good thing about us now is that we both acknowledge that it’s not absolutely working out right now. We’re both considering our options right now and breaking up is definitely part of the choices.

So I’m wondering now if this mutual break up thing is possible. Do we just jump to the thought and just agree? Does someone initiate the talk and we would eventually decide to break up? I’m really at the point of not wanting to let her go but I know I do too. I don’t know what happens to us now. She was once the girl who immediately got my attention at that foreign date live event. Now, she’s the girl who I love but infuriates me at the same time. Regardless, I guess, she would still be special to me.

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