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Age: 40 Male
Location: Beverly Hills, California, United States
Relationship Type: Marriage
Last Activity: 03-01-2013

Athletic Guy For Femine Woman. Kind Guy For Smiling, Happy Girl Sought After
Who I Am And What I Want
Yep, difficult sometimes to talk about oneself..I know what you mean. And you know how I feel if you've created a profile and included an essay that describes yourself in both a positive light...but also one that is honest and one that you the relationship searcher can trust is genuine. Genuine and sincere, Yes, that would definitely describe me. Dog lover too. Have had a pet care business that catered to dogs specifically for 5 years. Now I and furthering my internet based business in the pet care business and really enjoying the day to day transition.

What I am really looking for is a beautiful woman that..yes, you guessed it...has a lot in common with me. Interests, behaviorism, communication skills as well as priorities, and enjoyment of the outdoors and the common thread of loving Jesus Christ as Lord And Savior in out lives.
If you asked me what I thought would be the secret to my future relationship with my wife to be? Communication / Good Conversation. Honestly. Those 2 words probably sum it up better than any others. Love? Of course, that common fabric is a must and of course if we both didn't feel it toward each other we would crash and burn in the early stages. I would say "affection" would be a close third on my priority list. Just that general "caring" that you both can feel physically/mentally/spiritually between two people. And along those same lines, a woman that has a very healthy appetite for sexual intercourse and making sure her partner never goes without. I strongly feel what's mine is yours and vice versa. That we should plan on sharing our lives with each other. Forever. Until the end. When we are young and healthy and ready to run. As well as when we are old and gray and prefer to sit.

I need a Best Friend. And I desire a woman that seeks a lover that she can ultimately call her Best Friend as well. i am a GOOD listener. I am far more comfortable in an intimate conversation with one other than I am in a group. Oh sure, I consider myself a leader in some ways. But, not really a speech giver whatsoever. I really enjoy private times with my wife future. I'm confident of that.
My favorite thing to do with my significant other? Walk and talk. Yes, go for a stroll...the prettier the landscape...the better. Outdoors. Beautiful landscape (heck, could be the neighborhood), the one I care about...good conversation (or none at all). At night. In the sun..on a cloudy day. No matter. Just spending time with the one I care about and valuing that simplicity. I am not a "take it for granite" type of guy. And as such, believe in making QUALITY time for each other. Money and vacations are great. But not with someone that is mad at me or vice versa because we don't spend time doing all the 'little' things together. Been there done that with dating. Not much of a track record...but plenty enough I reckon. I know what works and what doesn't. "Accept me as I am!" Are you kidding!? That don't make a lick of sense. Never has IMHO. My thoughts are- be flexible. If you love your future make the necessary changes on the things she really care about. Just as long as those things do not in any way really jeopodize the fundamental YOU. Your personality. Seriously. Could you imagine meeting someone and them telling you off the bat that "this is who I am..take it or leave it!" That is anti-growth. I want a woman that is willing to grow with me as we age. You bet..I'll always be that same guy she met. But we will grow together....become more tuned into each others like/dislikes...share even more and more as time goes by. Devoting more and more of our hearts and minds to each other. And yet, not compromising that same guy/girl that we initially met on that first encounter. Love? That's love. Accepting each others shortcomings and assisting each other to blast through all those we want to conquer. Kinda a team work effort...but in love. My future wife weights 200 pounds. And I know she would like to be 130. I love her at 200.....and keep loving every pound of her as we have fun exercising with a smile down to 130 (her wishes..and therefore my wishes!). She never meets those goals? And love her and she loves me all the same. Gotta love that passion for each other.

Yeah, passion baby. Gotta have it. I'm not talking about kickin the tires and lightin the fires. I'm simply talking about be involved from time to time. There are players and there are spectators. I enjoy being both at times. But, for the most part....I'm no bench warmer. I want to take my wife to Europe and beyond. to go on a "field trip" with my church and retrace Jesus's steps in Israel. To see all the history of Egypt and their stranglehold on the world in ancient times. To TOGETHER go on safari in the Amazon, Brazil. To share tears with the impoverished in the Philippines. To walk the streets of Paris..both with our jaws dropped in amazement. To share an ice cream cone at our local park after a picnic. To act like we were still 12 years old! But together. To TRY HARD...for each each other. Because we care deeply about each other. And truly enjoy sharing all that God puts before us a 2 person unified team. A true passion for each other. Irrespective of whether that be in tears or smiles.
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 Slender Petite
 Average Curvy
 Athletic Muscular
 A few extra pounds Disabled
 Heavyset Doesn't Matter
 African / Black Native American
 Asian Pacific Islander
 Caucasian / White South Asian / East Indian
 Hispanic / Latino Other
 Middle Eastern Doesn't Matter
 Mixed Race
 Black Gray
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 Black Dark Blonde
 Dark Brown Salt & Pepper
 Light Blonde Contrasting Streaks
 Gray Doesn't Matter
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 Not a drinker Sober
 Social drinker Doesn't Matter
 Frequent drinker
 Agnostic Mormon / LDS
 Anglican Muslim / Islam
 Atheist New Age
 Bahi No Affiliation
 Baptist Pagan / Earth-based
 Buddhist / Taoist Presbyterian
 Catholic Protestant
 Ortodox Christian Scientology
 Evangelical Spiritual But Not Religious
 Hindu United
 Jewish Other
 Methodist Doesn't Matter
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